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GreenLife Water is a company that is committed to not only helping people learn more about water, but learning ways to drink and use it in a safe, appropriate manner. Each day, people use water …

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GreenLife Water Provides Pure Hydration

GreenLife-WaterWater is a basic component of life—hydrogen and oxygen combined provide all living things with hydration. Although water is, in its purest form, a simple makeup of elements, in today’s modern world it can prove difficult to find clean water. Fortunately, GreenLife Water has developed whole home water filtration systems that are not only affordable, but easily accessible for residents in Ontario and other regions of Canada. Those who have experienced bad-tasting, impure water will surely appreciate the clean, refreshing taste delivered through these innovative filtration systems.

Understanding Filtration

Although water is a very simple component, it can prove difficult to understand, especially when it comes to water treatment and filtration. In order to help consumers learn about these products and the importance of having clean, fresh-tasting water, this company aims to answer questions commonly posed by prospective customers, such as:

  • Why should one consider filtered water over bottled water?

To some, no water may seem as pure, clean or healthy as that which is packaged in bottles. However, this company believes that filtered water is absolutely a better choice than bottled water. To help back up this claim, the company cites a recent water bottle purity study conducted by the Environmental Working Group. What the Environmental Working Group found was that filtered tap water scored an “A” for purity, while bottled water brands received a “B.” Some of these brands even scored an “F,” causing a real concern for consumers who have long trusted in these products.

The Environmental Working Group’s information is easily trusted by the public, as this group is a non-profit organization that strives only to protect and inform the public about surrounding health and environment issues.

There are many other reasons why consumers may prefer filtered tap water over the option presented by bottled water products. For instance, if a consumer relies solely on bottled water for his or her hydration needs, the annual costs of the products are sure to make a considerable dent in one’s bank account. In addition, conscientious citizens should recognize that these bottles produce a lot of waste, even if they are made from plastic or glass. Relying on filtered tap water can not only help lower the overall costs a family or individual faces, but it can also improve the waste level generated by today’s population.

  • Does the government already protect public water supplies?

 Yes, the Ministry of the Environment has laid out regulations outlined by the Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standards. These standards were created to allow the government to test and regulate water in order to prevent the appearance of disease-causing organisms in public water supplies. In addition, these efforts help limit human exposure to toxic, hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials commonly produced by man. While these efforts have provided an avenue for the public to receive higher-quality water, there may still prove risk in tap water supplies. As government organizations strive to enforce the regulations dictated by the Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standards, homeowners who have a three-stage whole home water filter from GreenLife Water can enjoy greater assurance when it comes to having refreshing drinking water.

  • What are the unique benefits of having a whole home water filtration system as compared to using a single source water filtration system?

 Some individuals may feel that they already enjoy water that is maximized for purity through the use of common single source water filtration systems. For example, these solutions are usually found in under counter system products or pitcher-based systems. While some may find these products useful, the truth is that it limits the places that people can enjoy fresh water.

Whole home water filtration systems are unique, because they are crafted to fit where water first enters the home. This allows every water source within the home to provide the high-quality, refreshing water.

In addition, many may think that water filtration systems only provide solutions for drinking water. However, having all sources of water filtered can prevent other instances of chemicals entering the body, such as those that are absorbed from unfiltered shower or bath water. This observation shows that water is not only something we get from the faucet, but a substance that is present everywhere. For example, many people find that the air quality of their home has improved after having a whole home water filtration system installed. Poor air quality is often connected to chemicals that evaporate out of water when an individual cooks, uses a dishwasher or a washing machine for clothes.

GreenLife Water Answers Questions Regarding Water Safety

As a company that is committed to the safety and health of all citizens, GreenLife Water aims to answer the following general questions that are related to the overall safety of tap water:

  • How is Municipal Water potentially harmful for human consumption?

 When people drink water, they should always keep in mind where that beverage is coming from. As many know, tap water makes a long journey before it makes its way through the faucets and into our bodies. The water the public consumes generally comes from natural resources such as lakes, rivers, wells and ground water sources. While this water may prove to have a natural origin, it is also subject to contamination by natural microorganisms that may prove harmful to human health.

Municipal Treatment Plants work to treat these potentially harmful components by adding chlorine into the drinking water. By involving chlorine in the treatment process, citizens can rest assured that their drinking water has a lesser likelihood to present a risk of waterborne diseases.

  • Is chlorine in drinking water harmful to human health?

 Although chlorine is added into drinking water to limit the growth of potentially hazardous microorganisms, some health professionals believe that it is not necessarily a healthy component. As of now, the public remains unsure of whether or not chlorine is conclusively damaging to human health. Regardless of what the actual risks of chlorine in drinking water are, GreenLife Water believes that it is best to purify water as much as possible before consuming it.

Getting the Best of Both Worlds with Whole Home Filtration

Noting the need, as well as the potential health risks, of chlorinated drinking water, it can prove difficult for a consumer to decide what the best course of action is. GreenLife Water aims to make the decision much easier, by allowing homeowners and families to enjoy the positive effects of both filtration and municipal chlorine treatment. Those who have a GreenLife Water three-stage water filtration system installed in their home can trust that their tap water has received chlorine treatment, but once it has entered the home the potential risks of the chlorine can prove less apparent.

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